Worried about Pests in your Home?


Worried about Pests in your Home?

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Pest Control San Antonio

Pest Control San Antonio 

         Many common household pests can pose serious concerns and health risks to your family due to their ability to bite, sting, chew, and carry diseases (such as mosquitoes, fire ants, cockroaches and mice). Keep your home and family safe with a no obligation, free inspection today. 

Pest Control San Antonio

 San Antonio is home to a variety of insects, rodents and wildlife.  If these pests come in to your home or business, you may find yourself facing an unwanted infestation. We get them out and keep them out.    We will do so by implementing our bait first approach of pest management that eliminates pests with less chemical  and better results.  We offer no contract pest control San Antonio and surrounding areas.

Pest Control San Antonio

At Brightside Pest Control we will never have you sign a contract. We want you to call us back because you know you are getting a great service at a great price. If you see pests between services you can call us back at no additional charge. That is part of our pest free guarantee. Brightside’s approach to commercial pest control consists of the following:

  • Brightside will send out a trained, licensed pest technician not a sales person. 
  • Perform a detailed inspection in and around your business.
  • Identify any pest harborages.
  • Identify any access points that pests are using to enter the business.
  • Design a pest control plan best suited for your business.
  • Make any sanitation recommendation.
  • Explain any landscape areas that are providing harborage or making the structure accessible to pest.

After the inspection is performed, it is time to move on to the Initial service.  The first treatment is what is called the “initial flush out”. This special treatment is designed to gain control over existing pest population.  Your first treatment following the initial treatment should follow in 20 – 30 days to help break the egg life cycle.  Most Insects are immune to treatment while in their egg shells. Initially you may see a slight increase in pest activity as the pest population is disrupted. After a short time you will notice a drastic reduction in the pest.

On our regularly scheduled visits, we will provide the following.

  • Treat the exterior of the structure for crawling insects with an FDA approved premium product.
  • Treat any fire ant mounds around the building.
  • Check the eaves of the building for wasp nest.
  •  Remove any wasp nest or cobwebs from the eaves.
  • Inspect or treat the interior of the structure, including all common areas.



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